About Us
Puwin devotes to provide the most superior quality products with the best prices to assist our customers' competence in their markets.

Chengdu Puwin Precision Machinery Co, Limited was established in 2009 and is a conglomeration of five industrial companies, which is an industrial service company with new concept.

Chengdu Puwin Precision Machinery's five industrial companies offer diverse manufacturing capabilities. We can offer customers a wide range of products of high precision turned and milled parts, machined hot forged parts, machined lost wax investment castings, machined aluminium and zinc die castings, gear and gear shafts and high precision injection parts all from one source.

We manufacture to a very high standard, have strict quality control and excellent service, which all benefits our customers.

The sales and service team at Puwin works with a customer focus philosophy which has lead to us supplying world famous organisations such as Bosch, Viessmann, ITT, Elster and Danfoss.

Clear understanding of our customer's needs and meeting these needs is of paramount importance to us. This means that we have a close relationship with our customers despite the fact that sometimes they are thousands of miles away from us.

We're glad to welcome you to our website, Here, in brief, you'll find important information about our company. If you would like to find out more, then do contact us and we will respond to you promptly.